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It is our utmost pleasure along with all Jelecom staff to welcome you for the happy new year 2012 and we hope this year to be fruitful and full of achievements.

Jelecom is a leading new technologies provider which offers the best planning and optomization that guarntee the heighest quality with absolute minimum offered cost.

Jelecom is continously modernizing and upgrading its products and systems to go in line with the current rebuilding spirit of Egypt.


In this respect,we are proud to announce that Jelecom acheived the heighest sales for its international partners due to the good reputation and through its trainees in jelecom training network that covers Egypt.

Jelecom spares no effort to futher accomplish the company's main goal which is to provide our clients with the best quality of service and to reach their satisfaction.

We wish you a pleasant service and hope you choose Jelecom for your next service.

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Jelecom will share the next German fair [Ce Bit Hannover 2012] which will be held from 6 March till 11 March to look for a new advanced ICT products to push in the Egyptian market cooperation with the major International companies .

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